Why I Believe in One True Church
(or What Makes the church of Christ Different?)

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How YOU Can Prove God's Existence
How YOU Can Prove
God's Existence

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How the Tabernacle Applies to Us
How the Tabernacle Applies to Us
Explaining the fulfillment of the prophecies
contained within the tabernacle of 1400 B.C.

Screenshot: History of Islam
History of Islam: A.D. 570-632
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Sermon - The Power of God
A sermon to glorify God.

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What is Death?
A warning of what is coming.

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Article - Don't Be Fooled

Article -
The Chinese Language and Christian Evidences
Spanish version - El-Idioma-Chino-Y-Evidencias-Cristianas

Article -
The Prophesied Prince of Propitiation

Article -
Why I Believe What I Believe

Article -
 The Chicken or the Egg?


Article - Overcoming "Cognitive Dissonance"

Article - Cornelius Does Not Help "Faith Only" Advocates

Article - The Hypocrisy of "Faith Only Salvation"

Article - Who Taught "Faith Only" Salvation?

Article - 
I Want You to Be Saved

Table - How Were People Saved in the Book of Acts?

Article -
Was Water Baptism Only Required for Jews?

Article -
Did Paul and James Contradict One Another?

Slides - Calling on the Name of the Lord

Article - Saved by Faith Only?  Grace Only?

Article - 
What Has God Said About Falling from Grace?

Article -
Sincere, But Sincerely Lost

Table/Article - Where is the Sinner's Prayer? 

Article -
Blood and Water

Article - "I Know In My Heart That I'm Saved"

Article -
What Does This Mean? (Regarding Baptism)

Article -
Obeying the Gospel

Article -
Not Judged By Belief Alone

Article - Jesus Loves You

Article - The Thief on the Cross: Exposing the Erroneous Example 

Article - He Won't Go to the Doctor 

Article -
Every Person is Someone's Child

Article - You Can Be Forgiven

Article - 
Question Your Answers!
Article - The Lord Gave, and The Lord Hath Taken Away 

Article - Part-Time Christians  

Article - Crying Never, or Crying Forever?

Article - Are We "Plugged In"?

Article - The Demons Tremble

Article - Sink or Swim  


Article - 15 Reasons Not to Use Mechanical Instruments in Worship

Article - Historical Quotes About Using Mechanical Instruments In Worship

Article -
Does Revelation 5 Teach Prayer to Jesus?

Article - The Head of Christ is God

Article - First John 5 and Prayer to Jesus

Article -
Did Paul Pray to All Three Members of the Godhead?

Article -
Why Not Pray to Jesus? (brief)

Article - 
New Testament Christians and Old Testament Prayers

Table/Article -
Divine Differences

Article - We Need the Truth About Praying to Jesus

Article - Does John 14:14 Teach Christians to Pray to Jesus?

Article -
The Question of Praying to the Holy Spirit

Article - Speak vs. Strike (Moses and Mechanical Instruments)


Article - Secondhand Religion

Article -
A Conversation with a Lutheran Preacher

Table -
The Pope vs. God

Article -
Is the Book of Mormon From God?

Article - 
A Conversation With a Presbyterian Preacher

Table -
Denominationalism vs. Christianity

Table - 
Man vs. GOD

Article - Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover 

Article - 
The Most Religious State

Article - The Deadliest People On Earth

Article - 
 The Captain of Our Salvation 

Article - Satan Must Love Calvinism 


Article - Islam's Inferiority

Outline - History of Islam: AD 570-632

Article -
Concessions of the Koran

Table - Striking Similarities Between Islam and Mormonism


Table -
Premillennialism vs. God

Article - What Will Happen on the Last Day?

Article - When Christ Returns

Table - 
Parallel Teachings About Christ's Return

Table - Matthew 24 - Signs of Christ's Literal Return?

Table -
Four Events Of The Last Day

Article - What If Jesus Were Coming Back Next Week? 


Article - The Holy Spirit in Conversion

Article - The Gift and Promise of Acts 2:38-39

Table - New Testament Holy Spirit Table


Article - The Times of Refreshing and Restitution (Acts 3:19-21)

Article - Can Women Be Pastors?

Article -
The Ignored Commandment

Article - A "Sermon Seen" Is Not a Sermon Heard

Article - Older, But Not Necessarily Wiser

Article - 
How Long Does it Take to Read the Bible?

Article - Ten Reasons Not to Dance

Article - Short Sayings Based on Scriptures

Article - Why Officially Withdraw from Those Who Have "Already Withdrawn Themselves"?

Article - 
Cutting Off Conversation

Article - 
Suicide--Not A Safe Solution

Article - Regarding Romans 8:1-3

Brief Article - Living Like an Animal

Article - Spiritual Laziness

Article - The Congregation of the Dead

Brief Article - The Lamb Returning as a Lion

Article -
Out of Tune

Brief Article - Defined by Context

Article - Memorizing Scriptures

Article -
Israel's Murmurings and Ours

Article - Faith in Christians, or Faith in Christ?

Article - Attitudes in the Stands That Should Be in the Pews

Article - Spirits in Prison

Article - Not Even If They Saw a Miracle

Chart - 
Tabernacle Symbolism Explained

Article - The Testimony of the Tabernacle

Article - "Discovering" the Ark of the Covenant

Article - Are You Aware of God's Holy Severity?

Article - 
Storm Fatigue

Article - Sword and Stone

Article - The Jordan River and the Life of Christ

Article -
Helping Homosexuals

Article - Seeking Wisdom

Article -
Determining God's Will

Article -
How Can Defenders of Homosexuality Call Themselves "Christians"?

Article - Is It Always Wrong to Judge? 

Article - The Medo-Persian Kings Cyrus and Darius

Table - 
Eldership Essentials

Table - 
An Overview of the Bible

Article - The Best Dressed Women on Earth

Article - 
God Wants Us All To Be Rich

Article - An Appreciation for Teachers

Article - Two Types of Congregations: Cold and Warm

Article - Without the Bible

Article - 
 What Are You Doing With Your Bible? 

Article - Abhor That Which Is Evil 

Article - 
God is Calling, but the Line Is Busy

Article -
The Perfect Law of Liberty

Article - 
We Can Have What Noah Had

Article -
Running From a Lion To a Bear

Article -
The Compassionate Christ

Article - Incorruptible Things 

Article - 
When Love is Bad

Article - 
No True Christian Is A Racist

Article -
Are You Smarter Than a Pew Packer?

Article -
He Humbled Himself

Article -
Leaders Are To Lead 

Article -
If God's Love Could Be Measured

Article - The Book of Beginnings 

Article - We Don't Have to Know EVERYTHING 

Poem -
At the Cross

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