Art by Amanda Hilburn - A site featuring my wife's wonderful artwork.   Please look and buy!  =)

A Bible Answer - A television program in which people's questions are answered from the Bible. Archived answers from several years.

AudioEvangelism.com - Audio lessons and transcripts.

Bible-History.com - A lot of useful information, maps, etc.  May contain some denominational doctrines.

BibleCharts.org - tons of useful charts and other information.

TheBible.net - Biblical information.

BibleClassWorkshop.com - A workshop for ladies of the churches of Christ.

BiblePictureGallery.com - Free images.

BiblePlaces.com - Images of the Bible lands.

TheBibleRevival.com - Free images. Warning: some other parts of site contain false doctrine.

Cates Publications - Great books, charts, booklets, and tracts.

Christian Family Bookstore - A good source for Biblical books, CD's, and DVD's.

Christianity vs. Islam - A series of sermons comparing Christianity with Islam.

Christians Unite - Free images. Warning: some other parts of site contain false doctrine.

Churchzip.com - Find congregations of the Lord's church in almost any area. 

Common Sense Media - They help you know which media contains inappropriate content.  Reviews of movies, TV shows, websites, video games, music, and books.

Dove.org - Family-oriented reviews of entertainment choices.

e-Sword Bible Software - FREE, awesome Bible software. This is what I use and recommend, even over practically any expensive alternative.

eBibleTeacher.com - Free images and other digital resources for Bibly study. Warning: Site may contain unscriptural teachings.

Far East/World Evangelism - a work dedicated to spreading the Gospel throughout the world.

Focus Press - Home of Think magazine and other resources.

Forthright - Lots of articles and information.

The Gospel Gazette - Scriptural articles.

The Gospel of Christ - Video, audio, articles, quizzes, crossword puzzles, word searches, etc... Check it out!

Ilumina.com - Bible software that has some useful graphics, interactive scenes, and videos. Warning: Some teachings found in this software may be unscriptural.

NEW: Jason's Bible Blog - my blog site which began in July, 2019.

Jim Green Video Ministry - Recordings of many lectureships and debates.

Kids-in-mind.com - Family-oriented reviews of entertainment choices.

The Old Paths - Scriptural information.

Online Academy of Biblical Studies - Tons of great content on this site. Enroll as a student, or take advantage of the vast archives of video lessons.

PewPackers.com - Resources for training children.

PluggedIn.com - Similar to Common Sense Media, they help you know which media 
contains inappropriate content. Reviews of movies, TV shows, websites, video games, and music.

Pictures from Bible Story Books - Free images.

Qustodio.com - Filtering software for phones, tablets, computers.  Filter out pornography and other objectionable media online.

ScriptureTyper.com - Great for memorizing Scriptures.

Seek the Old Paths - A wealth of Scriptural information.

Seeking the Lost - An international radio program to spread the Truth.

Truth for the World - World evangelism involving radio and television programs, literature, and campaign follow-up.

Tullstar Audio - A vast archive of audio sermons.

U Can B Sure - In a world of religious confusion, you can be sure! Online Bible study course and other resources.

VidAngel.com - a filtering site for TV and movies. Choose the movie or TV show, then choose what to block out, such as immodesty, nudity, profanity, disturbing images, etc.

WaldronMissions.org - Site regarding mission work being done in India; also information on Bible subjects.


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